Lauren Alaina In A College Football Promotion

Lauren Alaina was just here performing at Jimbo’s Sandbar for one of our Rising Star Showcases.  She has been recovering from vocal surgery. Well now….  she will be partnering with ESPN to create a track that will play during this years college football season.

Lauren said….”For a Southern girl, college football is everything.   I am so pumped to have my song used for ESPN’s college football coverage”.   lol… She said…. “Thank you ESPN for giving me something to make my boyfriend, dad and brother think I’m that much cooler”.

The track… which she co-wrote… will be called “History”.   The song will also be part of ESPN’s campaign building for the College Football Playoff semifinals and the National Championship.

Congrats girl!!   You have come a long way since American Idol.    We love you and are looking forward to hearing your new album coming out the end of this month.



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