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Stupid Is…

30-year-old Octavio Delasuaree was driving in Wayne, New Jersey last week, when he decided to exit the highway at the last minute, and in doing so, he cut off a bunch of drivers…including a police […]

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Worst? -Or Best First Date…

We all have great stories about first dates. But I don’t know if anyone can beat this story.

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The Latest Beach Fashion

And the newest beach fashion accessory is: The Facekini!

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Phys Ed…Online?

The world on online education is a Godsend for busy people.  It’s a great alternative to the traditional classroom schedule.  You can learn when you want to and you don’t have to travel. North Carolina […]

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Beating The Lightning And Lottery Odds

How do you beat the odds of one in 2.6 trillion? Just ask Peter McCathie. He lives in Nova Scotia, Canada and he beat the odds. Peter was struck by lightning when he was a […]

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Jennifer Lawrence Is Quitting?

It’s all the talk in the tabloids: Jennifer Lawrence could be finished playing her role as Mystique.

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Rest In Peace, Alex Rocco.

Alex Rocco, the Emmy-winning character actor best known for taking a bullet through the eye as the Las Vegas casino boss Moe Greene in “The Godfather,” has died. He was 79.

Kiss Country 99.9 FM–07/20/2015

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Shower In The Morning? Or At Night?

It’s the question that’s been around longer than the ‘chicken or the egg’ thing: Is it better to shower at night, or in the morning?

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Jason Aldean Helping Find A Cure

Can’t wait to talk to Jason Aldean next week! He’ll join us Tuesday morning at 7:10 to talk about his life, his family, his fishing, his ties to South Florida and his music.

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Your Child Is Trapped In A Hot Car: You Do WHAT?

A mother in China under fire for refusing to damage her BMW to save her son trapped in the sweltering hot car.

Kiss Country 99.9 FM–07/17/2015