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Kenny Walker



Super Bowl Inside Scoop

The Super Bowl lasts about 4 hours, right?  Well The Media Education Foundation broke down last year’s game, and they say there’s really about 17 minutes of actual football!  Here’s the breakdown: 72 minutes of […]

16 hours ago

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New App For Nervous Airplane Passengers

There’s a new app that calculates the odds of being in a plane crash, to help show nervous passengers that they’re really, really safe.  The app is called ‘Am I Going Down’ and it says […]

Kiss Country 99.9 FM–01/28/2015

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What Would You Do Wednesday

Thanks for all the calls for today’s  “What would you do Wednesday’ feature…our listener called the show because her husband was offered the job of a lifetime as VP…but she’s nervous because his boss would be […]



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