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Your Hot Tub Has Cryptosporidium

The Centers for Disease Control has issue another warning for us: We need to stop peeing in pools and hot tubs.

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Deep Fried WHAT??

The guy who invented the deep-fried Slim-Fast bar is at it again.  He’s taken the Twinkie to a new level. For a while now, County fairs have been coming up with kookier and kookier food […]

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Fo’ Shizzle? That’s a word?

The Oxford English Dictionary. You know, the place we go when we’re playing Monopoly, and we need an expert to decide whether ‘Stanky’ is an actual word. Congratulations, you’re a winner…Stanky IS a word.

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Is Facebook Getting Too Creepy?

By now, we know the basic rules of Facebook, and social media.

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Can Tight Jeans Put You In The Hospital??

Tight jeans. Gotta love ’em. But maybe they’re not all that great for you?

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Why Do Pools Make Your Eyes Red?

No sooner do you get out of the pool and towel off, when somebody has to tell you how red your eyes are.

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The Best-Or Worst Way to Break Up?

I always thought that the worst way to break up with someone was on Facebook.  Or a text message. But I was wrong. There’s a worse way. Lima beans. There’s a new product called “Break-Up […]

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$300,000 In Unclaimed Money?

It was no surprise that American Pharoah was the favorite to win the Belmont Stakes-which he did-which gave him the first Triple Crown win in about a zillion years.  But people who made a $2 […]

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The Shawshank Redemption Part 2?

I was emceeing a charity event a couple weeks ago and somebody asked me what my favorite movie of all time was.  Kind of put me on the spot, but the first movie that popped […]

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Are You Signing Off Your Emails The Wrong Way?

Once you’re finished writing an email, how do you end it? Do you go old-school with “sincerely?” How about “best?”

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