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Aaron Hernandez Found Guilty

Reading about the guilty murder verdict of Aaron Hernandez and all I can see is heartbreak.  I’m heartbroken not for him, but  for all the people whose lives have been ruined as a result of […]

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Can 65 Marry 33?

So Billy Joel is going to be a daddy. At 65.  His girlfriend, Alexis Roderick, is 33.  They’re expecting a baby this summer. Lots of comments today from folks who think the age gap between […]

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How To Live To 115

Jeralean Talley from Michigan just  became the world’s oldest person. It’s a title that people usually don’t keep for too long, so let’s root for her to hold it for a while. Jeralean is 115 […]

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Woman Drops Child into Cheetah Pit

It was 2002 when Michael Jackson dangled his 9-month-old son, Blanket, from a hotel balcony in Germany.  The whole world collectively said “why would anyone do that?” The only thing that could possibly be more […]

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Here’s Who Gave Us Google Images

We take Google Images for granted, don’t we? We find a story we like, we want something visual, we click ‘images’ and we’re in business. So who do we have to thank for Google Images? […]

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A general view as the Duke Blue Devils take on the Wisconsin Badgers during the NCAA Men's Final Four National Championship at Lucas Oil Stadium on April 6, 2015 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

12-Year-Old Wins It All

Congratulations to Duke for winning the NCAA basketball tournament, their fifth title.  Also congratulations to the Connecticut women for winning their tenth national championship. So how about your brackets?  How’d you do?  Mine was horrible. […]

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Easter Egg Hunt Gone Wrong

So there you are, you and your child, ready to break the Guiness world record for the largest egg hunt in the world, in Sacramento, California. There were over five hundred thousand eggs ready to […]

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Investors Get Scammed on April Fool’s Day

There were a lot of kooky April Fool’s Day pranks yesterday-some funny, some not so funny. You had Cottonelle announcing their new toilet paper for lefties, there was Google promoting their stuffed Google Panda, and […]

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Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart’s Replacement, Already In Trouble

We told you on Monday about Comedy Central announcing South African comedian Trevor Noah replacing Jon Stewart. Trevor has a huge international following, and he’s appeared on “The Daily Show” a few times. He hasn’t […]

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Parents Doing the Right Thing

On Thursday, Kyesha Wood of Birmingham, Alabama dropped off her children at the movies.  She has a 16-year-old son and two 13-year-old daughters, and they went in to see the movie “Cinderella.” Kyesha later found […]

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