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How To Get Out Of A Ticket

Remember all your English teachers, who would drive you crazy with all the rules of grammar? Well there’s a woman in Ohio who is happy to have that knowledge. Andrea Cammelleri of West Jefferson, Ohio […]

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A Hot Dog-Eating Upset

This was the weekend for the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in Coney Island, New York. The reigning champion is 31-year-old Joey Chestnut, and everybody expected him to win again, since he’s won the […]

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Guy Finds $2,400. What Does He Do With It?

Just when you start to get jaded, thinking that the bad guys are winning, that there aren’t any people left in the world who do the right thing, a story comes along that renews your […]

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Here’s The Celebrities Making All The Money

It’s time for the Forbes annual list of the Celebrity 100, also known as the top-earning celebrities.

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Your Hot Tub Has Cryptosporidium

The Centers for Disease Control has issue another warning for us: We need to stop peeing in pools and hot tubs.

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Deep Fried WHAT??

The guy who invented the deep-fried Slim-Fast bar is at it again.  He’s taken the Twinkie to a new level. For a while now, County fairs have been coming up with kookier and kookier food […]

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Fo’ Shizzle? That’s a word?

The Oxford English Dictionary. You know, the place we go when we’re playing Monopoly, and we need an expert to decide whether ‘Stanky’ is an actual word. Congratulations, you’re a winner…Stanky IS a word.

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Is Facebook Getting Too Creepy?

By now, we know the basic rules of Facebook, and social media.

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Can Tight Jeans Put You In The Hospital??

Tight jeans. Gotta love ’em. But maybe they’re not all that great for you?

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Why Do Pools Make Your Eyes Red?

No sooner do you get out of the pool and towel off, when somebody has to tell you how red your eyes are.

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