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Did You Get Your New Credit Card?

We’re supposed to have new cards today…


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Do You Wear Polo?

Big Chances at Polo

Kiss Country 99.9 FM–09/30/2015

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Going to London with my Son

Beat The Jets!

Kiss Country 99.9 FM–09/29/2015


Super Blood Moon was Amazing!

As Good As Advertised

Kiss Country 99.9 FM–09/28/2015

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Who Shops More: Men or Women?

Are Men Losing Our Manliness?

Kiss Country 99.9 FM–09/25/2015

Pope Francis leads a service at St Patrick's Cathedral on September 24, 2015 in New York City. Pope Francis is in (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

Imagine Singing to the Pope…

Kiss Country 99.9 FM–09/25/2015

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So, About That Shooting Star…

I’ve Been Wishing On A WHAT?

Kiss Country 99.9 FM–09/24/2015

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A $700 Coffee Table Book??

The Book Costs More Than The Table

Kiss Country 99.9 FM–09/24/2015

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A Legend Passes

Yogi Berra Was A New York Classic

Kiss Country 99.9 FM–09/23/2015

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American Flags-Made In America!

A Truly Great Idea

Kiss Country 99.9 FM–09/22/2015