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This Will Give You Chills…

Saige Seibold of Oklahoma is 13. Back in May, her Father, Johnny passed away.  He died of pancreatic cancer. On Father’s Day, Saige and her mom went to the cemetery to visit her dad at […]

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Why Are Women Colder Than Men in the Office?

How cold is it in our studios? It’s so cold that lawyers have their hands in their OWN pockets (rim shot, please).  And everybody fiddles around with the thermostat on the wall, trying to warm […]

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The City of Brotherly Love?

Philadelphia. The ‘City of Brotherly Love.’  Home of Ben Franklin, the Liberty Bell and Rocky running up those famous stairs. I’m guessing they ran out of love. There’s an experiment involving a cute little robot […]


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And Our Hero Of The Day Is:

There is no moment more stressful to a man than the moment when he asks the woman he loves to marry him. I remember the night before I asked Dorie…I didn’t sleep at all.

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“Cougars” Get The Top Jobs

Do “cougars” get the top jobs?


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Bratty Kids Make More Money

If you’re at the end of your rope over your kid being a brat, there is an upside: Your brat will probably grow up to earn more money than all the well-behaved kids who he (or she) goes to school with.

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Guess Who’s Going Country?

Another day, another announcement about a rock star going country!

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Stupid Is…

30-year-old Octavio Delasuaree was driving in Wayne, New Jersey last week, when he decided to exit the highway at the last minute, and in doing so, he cut off a bunch of drivers…including a police officer.



Worst? -Or Best First Date…

We all have great stories about first dates. But I don’t know if anyone can beat this story.

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The Latest Beach Fashion

And the newest beach fashion accessory is: The Facekini!

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